Monday, 4 April 2011

who chooses concrete?

  • Concrete is totally customizable.  From the color, to the rocks or recycled glass that is added, to the amount of exposed stone in your concrete project - it is totally flexible depending on what the customer wants or the look they are trying to achieve.  These personalized options are usually unavailable or limited in other countertop or tiles options.
  • Some things that customers should consider when deciding what kind of concrete they should get for their project:
    • do you want a unique look, a modern look, or something more traditional?
    • do you want a natural stone like finish, or a glossy or shiny finish
  • Concrete can be made to look like anything you can imagine.
  • Concrete has come a long way recently, and it is a goregous, hip, and you can customize it to your taste or style.
  • If you choose a good concrete contractor, your concrete should not warp, stain, or crack.  Sometimes you'll hear horror stories about concrete, and most of them are probably true, but all of those horror stories shouldn't happen to you if you choose a reputable concrete contractor.   
  • MODE CONCRETE products are:
    • Easy to clean. When poured correctly, concrete has very little porosity, which makes it extremely easy to clean.
    • Don't stain. If you choose a good concrete contractor, he or she will use a sealer and finishing process that guarantees the concrete won't stain.
    • Don't crack. Typically, concrete is prone to cracking. But if you choose a good concrete contractor, he or she can guarantee your concrete countertop won't crack.
    • Come in a wide variety of colors. Concrete countertops can be made in any color your wish. Typically, a concrete contractor offers a set of standard colors. If you don't see one you like, ask to have a color custom made.
    • Can be formed into any shape. Because concrete is poured, concrete countertops can be formed into any shape you can imagine.
    • Easy to Repair. If you accidentally chip your concrete countertop, it's easy to repair. A good concrete contractor will save your mix design, which is the information regarding the materials used to create your concrete countertop. With that mix design, the concrete contractor can reproduce the finish he initially used on your countertop. While you may still be able to notice where the repair was made, your guests won't.
    • Feel amazing. It might be the most shocking concrete countertop benefit, and it's completely true. Concrete feels amazingly soft and smooth to the touch. Once you run your hand across it once, you won't be able to stop.
  • Concrete is a great option, but if you choose to go ahead with concrete, research the company you are planning on using and make sure they have a good reputation.  MODE services the Okanagan Valley and Interior BC, but there are lots of great concrete companies, just make sure you do your research.

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