Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Picking the Best Grill for your Outdoor Kitchen

There are many great options available.  Here are some things to consider when deciding.

  • Performance - This is the most important thing. Do your research and make sure you are buying an outdoor grill that stands up to years of grilling.
  • Appearance - The best built-in grill should enhance the look of your outdoor kitchen or BBQ Island. It should be the focal point of your outdoor kitchen and you should be proud to show it off.
  • Durability - When making an investment in an outdoor kitchen you want the grill to be the centerpiece of your overall design.  For the money spent, the best built-in grill should hold up well to the elements as well as to frequent use. A strong warranty says the manufacturer is confident that you won't have any problems and offers you peace of mind for years to come.
  • Value - You should expect to pay more for quality, but that doesn't mean you should expect to throw money away.  What is your budget?
  • Price - You can spend a lot of money for a grill, but keep in mind you get what you pay for.  Are you wanting a low end, a mid end, or high end grill?  And how many years do you want to trust your grill will fire up summer after summer?  This is the biggest investment of your outdoor kitchen, but it comes down to space, budget, and preference.
  • Specifications - The grade and quality of the stainless steel, size of cooking surface, how many BTU's, brand preference?  Are the burners and cooking grids made of stainless steel?  Research the brands available and compare their features and benefits.
  • Cool ExtrasDoes anything get your fancy?  Check out the product lines you have available and see if anything stands out or appeals to you. 
  • The Warranty - You can tell a lot about the quality of a product by the warranty that the manufacturer puts behind it.  

You can trust MODE CONCRETE to walk you through the entire outdoor kitchen process and walk you through all the decisions.  We have many different packages available, from design, to installation, to selling the outdoor grills - we help select between the many options available.  

Please call today MODE CONCRETE for a consultation or more information.

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