Monday, 3 December 2012

Concrete Countertop and Floor Concerns - also featuring Concrete Countertops in a Traditional Renovated Kitchen

some top questions and concerns we get asked about decorative concrete

Why Concrete?  Concrete is one of the strongest, most customizable, unique, and durable options out there. That is why designers, architects, and builders have been using this medium for years.  Totally pliable, hand cast, it will have it's own individualization, and will carry on a life of it's own.  The most amazing thing about concrete... wear and tear only add more beauty. Concrete lovers embrace the imperfections that occur naturally and the personality it will develop over it's long life - think of it as part of the family.

Concrete is for:
  • lovers of natural stone
  • clients wanting something completely unique, hand made and one of a kind
  • people concerned about being environmentally friendly and love mother nature
  • clients wanting the durability of stone don't want mass produced, store bought, easy found items
  • clients that want limitless options of colors, additives, stains, finishes or shapes
  • clients wanting to use a natural looking material that compliments other natural materials like wood, stone and brick 

Myths and top concerns about concrete:
  • is concrete green and environmentally conscience - made of stone, sand and water, a product doesn't get much more simple than this.  Those are the materials that make concrete.  In addition, when we make terrazzo countertops or floors, we only use post-consumer recycled glass.  At the end of its life cycle, your concrete project itself can be recycled.   
  • concrete can easily crack or chip - imperfections in concrete surfaces, countertops, sinks or floors are part of the appeal and the uniqueness. In fact, hairline cracks and slight irregularities are the thing we love the most.  Wear and tear on our decorative concrete surfaces will not affect the structural integrity in the slightest (fine cracks are too narrow to trap food and debris). People look forward to the aged appearance that that occurs naturally over time. No matter what reinforcing method is used, hairline cracks may still occur. Hairline cracks are non-structural and should be considered part of the character and uniqueness of your hand crafted item - we call them beauty marks.  
  • concrete can easily stain, is too porous, and requires to much maintenance - Top quality sealers and waxes are used to protect all of our concrete which help to resist stains and scratches. Using a nonabrasive natural cleaner and wiping up your stains will help to avoid staining and keep your concrete looking beautiful for years. Concrete has similar properties to other natural stone surfaces like travertine, soapstone, marble or granite - take care of them and they'll last you a lifetime.  Depending on what sealers or waxes have been applied to your concrete, periodic reapplications may be required.
  • concrete is too modern for me - Concrete is super versatile and can be easily customized to fit into any space. It can be modern, simple and industrial, or it can be stained or dyed to a warmer color for a more traditional look. Whether your style is eclectic, classic, retro, funky, or modern - we have lots of options that will compliment your space.    

Here is a concrete counter top MODE CONCRETE completed in the Okanagan, for a client with a more traditional, natural color palette.  We colored the concrete to a natural earthtoned sandy color.  

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