Thursday, 22 August 2013

Nothing Beats Positive Feedback! A past clients blogs about her outdoor kitchen, built and managed by Mode Concrete in Kelowna BC.

A past clients blogs about her outdoor kitchen, built and managed by Mode Concrete in Kelowna BC. Nothing beats positive feedback and great reviews, so we were ecstatic to see how she felt about the entire process when dealing with us.  She purchased an outdoor kitchen from Mode Concrete, and we impressed her by sticking to the time line and on budget.  We referred her to any other necessary trades, scheduled them accordingly and walked her through the entire process. Now onto the good stuff... here is what she had to say about us (also check out her amazing food blog for delish recipes at Olive Oil and Lemons or go directly to

"Ever since we bought our rooftop abode in Kelowna a couple of years ago we have been talking about having an outdoor kitchen installed on the north side of the patio. I like to cook and thought it would be nice to have an additional kitchen outdoors that would be handy for entertaining, perhaps informal cooking classes for friends, food photography or just for us to have fun with it.

Finally this summer we got around to making inquiries and found Gareth from Mode Concrete ( who owns and operates this leading company in the Okanagan designing and installing outdoor kitchens among other things concrete. Gareth came over to look at the space, discuss the equipment we needed for our style of cooking and consider the overall design. Gareth and I hit it off immediately and had fun thinking this project through together. I told him about my blog so he knew I liked to cook and needed a good design and high quality appliances. A couple of days later he emailed me drawings of the proposed design. He proposed a 12 foot long kitchen with a fridge, a grill, two gas burners and a sink. The counter space allowed for two work areas, one between the burners and  the sink and one next to the grill. The design allowed for storage below the grill and the sink as well as a few drawers for storing smaller items. We discussed the choices for the front and sides of the cabinetry and settled on river rock, to match the river rock along a couple of other areas on the patio. This was to be the first river rock kitchen for Mode Concrete and Gareth seemed just as excited about it as I was. For the countertop we chose a black slate tile that nicely offset the grey tones of the river rock and the silvery stainless steel of the appliances. Gareth was fun to work with and made good suggestions about the placement of the appliances to allow for more work and storage space in the outdoor kitchen. Then we discussed the appliances. Mode concrete offers a selection of high end outdoor appliances and on their recommendation we chose the Luxor line. Luxor is a US manufacturer of high end stainless steel products using high grade steel that is necessary in this cold climate where the appliances have to withstand low temperatures during the winter (now that I have cooked with it I can say it is a fabulous product).

Once we settled on the design, appliances, finishings and price we signed a contract and Mode Concrete provided us with a time-line for completing the project. Gareth promised to have the kitchen fully installed within two weeks and I must admit that in my mind I thought yes… sure… Amazingly enough, he was right on target and within two weeks I had the kitchen fully installed and functioning. As he told me from the beginning, they were on time and on budget. Mode concrete managed the entire project, including ordering the appliances, hiring and supervising trades, installing the frame and appliances and even did a demo on how to use the appliances when the kitchen was ready. I was impressed, and hence this endorsement in this post (nothing to disclose, it was a straight forward business deal)."

We love the review and the final look of her outdoor kitchen. I'm sure this client will be making some delicious masterpieces in this outdoor kitchen!!  If you click the link to Olive Oil and Lemons, you can also see a delicious corn recipe that she cooked on her brand new Luxor grill. Below is a picture she sent to us, we love the final look and the final touches!

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