Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Contemporary Polished Concrete Floors Naturally Look Amazing - Simple, Dustless, Green, Safe (no VOCs), Zero Waste Process - by Mode Concrete in Kelowna BC

If you like the contemporary look and color of grey concrete floors, we usually recommend using MODE CONCRETE (of course!) so we can professionally finish your concrete floor!  We specialize in finishing concrete floors in an economical, simple, dustless, zero-waste, green, eco-friendly, natural, safe, no VOC's, non-toxic... kind of way.

Naturally finished concrete floors are our favorite look, and totally differs from project to project - every piece of concrete is original in it's coloring, textures, irregularities, and variations that occur naturally when the concrete dries and cures. We provide a simple, eco-friendly, inexpensive solution to finish any existing or brand new concrete floor in your home or business.  No concrete floor is complete without the application of a sealer and/or wax.  Punch up your concrete surface even further, by applying a staining agent or adding a color to the surface. Taking the time to put down this final layer of protection not only prolongs the life of your concrete floor, but also greatly enhances and preserves its natural beauty and appearance.  

 This is a commercial floor that used to have tile on the surface.  

Here is a recent commercial concrete floor that we refinished for our Kelowna client. This floor had tile on previously.  Once the tile was stripped and the concrete was cleaned up, this was the final product after our process was complete.  We love the extra variations that this floor has compared to a brand spanking new floor.  It already looks industrial and has lots of natural patinas and mottling mixed throughout the surface.

Usually this process only takes 2-3 days, depending on the size of your project.  
If you want your concrete surface stained or colored by an artisan, this timeline will increase a bit. 

Think of a concrete floor sealer as a protective layer that will improve its appearance, durability and longevity. New concrete floors should be sealed after they are completed, while existing concrete floors should be sealed every few years based on wear/tear and clients preferences.  Properly sealed and maintained concrete (natural or stained) will give the same beautiful appearance for years to come. It is extremely durable, requires very little maintenance, and will likely outlast the home or business which surrounds it. The materials used to seal stained concrete include water-based sealers, waxes, alternative green sealers and solvent based sealers. Always make sure that the concrete contractor preforms tests on small areas, or shows you samples of what to expect. 

MODE CONCRETE specializes in concrete floors, concrete floor finishing and concrete maintenance/repair.  We always stay on budget and on schedule!  Contact us for more details on our services or prices.

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