Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Considering Concrete Floors? Main Benefits of Concrete Flooring Discussed by the specialists at Mode Concrete in BC Canada

If you want your space to be ultra-stylish and have major design impact, consider concrete floors... the flooring for the stylish at heart.  Concrete floors get better with age and like freckles, concrete floors help to camouflage wear as it gets older.  With concrete we embrace and look forward to variations, irregularities, and the patina that develops with wear over time. There are good reasons why interior designers often choose concrete for their most cutting edge spaces. Stained, colored, textured or smooth, concrete boasts limitless design options. It provides a blank canvas upon which homeowners can leave their mark.  But beyond the design advantages, these surfaces are low maintenance and they blend seamlessly with the architectural aesthetics of various design styles.  

Clients who want a meticulous, predictable, pristine material that will always look flawless; steer clear of concrete.  It develops wear marks, patinas, natural irregularities, marbling and hairline cracks naturally as it ages.  If you are staining your concrete floor, the darker or more vibrant the stains you choose, the natural patinas may be more obvious. The reason is simply because there is a greater variation between the top layer of stained concrete and the concrete material itself. Concrete is a natural material, and regardless if you keep your floor natural grey concrete or stain the surface, the natural patina and variations is what makes concrete so fab. We are true concrete lovers, are you?

These are pictures of natural concrete floors that MODE CONCRETE finished.

 These are pictures of natural concrete floors that MODE CONCRETE finished.

Concrete Flooring Benefits:
  • Sustainable. Concrete does not contain the harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that many synthetic carpets or materials do.  Our finishing processes are totally green, safe, dustless and provides the ultimate natural protection.  Concrete floors avoid the consumption of new materials and utilizes the materials already present.  
  • Easy Care. Maintenance is simple. Just vacuum or sweep and follow up with a warm damp mop. The amount of traffic your floors receive will determine the amount of maintenance it will need. A concrete floor with normal traffic will probably need a reapplication of the finish every 2-3 years.
  • Longevity. A floor that has been finished and maintained can be expected to last a hundred years or more. Let's appreciate how an aged and cracked concrete floor is not hidden under new tiles or carpet, but instead celebrated for the history and life it holds. Concrete floors create an incredible impact when put on display along with other architecturally salvaged materials.
  • Energy Storage Capacity. Concrete floors can help you save energy. They feel cooler in the summer, so there is less of a need to use air conditioning. During the winter, concrete floors absorb the solar heat from the sun or your fireplace, helping to keep your home warm. For those with radiant-heated floors, concrete is the best flooring surface to maximize heat conduction and minimize energy usage. Some worry that a concrete floor will be cold and hard on their feet. The truth is that finished concrete floors are no colder or hard-feeling as other common flooring types like ceramic tiles, stone and marble.
  • Economical. The cost of finishing your existing concrete floors is very low, about $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot to finish/polish/buff a plain gray slab, giving it a lustrous sheen. The concrete's natural tonal differences, subtle cracks and aggregates take on a stonelike, natural feel.  You get ultimate longevity and durability when comparing concrete to other flooring options.
  • Non Combustible.  An exposed concrete floor is non-flammable, non-combustible, and more robust in a fire situation than alternative materials.

Referencing websites and for additional information, check out the Concrete Networks article about Concrete in the Kitchen - http://www.concretenetwork.com/kitchen-floor.html.  Also check out http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/7977902/list/5-Benefits-to-Concrete-Floors-for-Everyday-Living at Houzz.com, where they discuss the 5 main benefits of concrete.

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