Thursday, 12 December 2013

Contemporary Concrete Flooring Overlay Possible on Wooden Substrate - by specialists Mode Concrete in Kelowna BC

A concrete overlay we applied to a wooden subfloor, for our Kelowna client.
Concrete floors are modern, natural and raw. People who want a meticulous pristine material that will always look flawless, steer clear of concrete. It develops wear marks, patinas, natural irregularities, marbling and hairline cracks naturally as it ages. Concrete is a natural material, and regardless if you keep your floor natural grey concrete or stain the surface, the natural patina is what makes concrete so fab and makes your floor totally unique. We are true concrete lovers, are you?

Why do people love concrete floors?

  • Well, firstly and most importantly... they look AWESOME!
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Amazing longevity, concrete will likely outlive you and your house.  Concrete lasts much longer when compared to other flooring materials.
  • Concrete is heat and spill resistant.
  • Super durable and easier to repair than other options.
  • Concrete is a clean flooring surface, with little worry of bacteria or allergens since there is usually no grout lines.
  • Concrete floors wear wonderfully, concrete is totally unique and raw - it ages just like natural stone.
  • Future changes (colors, finishes, stains) are usually easy to change and personalize, if your style changes or if you sell your house.  Concrete is easy to cover if you ever want to install other flooring on top.
  • Concrete skim coats, micro-toppings and overlays are similar to the thickness and weight of tile.
  • The top reason that people love concrete floors, is how shockingly stunning they are!

 Here is a standard grey concrete overlay we applied to a wooden subfloor, for our Kelowna client.

 Here is a standard grey concrete overlay we applied to a wooden subfloor, for our Kelowna client.

If you’re looking for some information about putting concrete floors on wooden substrates, you've come to the right place. Keep in mind we use the most cutting edge products and techniques for our applications and only experienced artisans should complete these sort of applications. Our overlay can be laid onto existing substrate and achieve the look and feel of polished concrete. Our overlays are VOC (volatile organic compounds) and emission free. Our dustless process of finishing concrete floors is done with natural, safe, non-toxic finishing products. After preparing the surface, we can pour a thin layer of new concrete to virtually any surface or room in your house. 

Depending on the flex in your wooden subfloor, hairline cracks are natural and expected to appear on the surface. This comes from the concrete slab being a single, solid piece of rock and the wood underneath is flexible and changes and shifts consistently. When the foundation of the house shifts, the concrete is subjected to various flex points and pressures which take the form of tiny hairline fractures in the material. For us, we love this aspect of concrete and it adds tremendous character to the floor.  

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