Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Natural Concrete Floors look Amazing in this Brand New Contemporary Home in Kelowna BC

Wow, what a stunning contemporary space!  These clients wanted to highlight their natural concrete floors, so Mode Concrete came in and did our top selling seal/wax floor treatment to the surface. It's an easy, cost effective flooring option that elevates the natural beauty that occurs already in concrete.  Usually it only takes us a few days, and ta da, you'll be enjoying your new space before you know it! Our clients absolutely love the concrete floors that we have created. Our contemporary polished concrete floors are the perfect option for any indoor or outdoor space. Polished concrete is often used in many areas like: art galleries, shopping malls, warehouses, retail environments as well many residential, commercial and industrial properties. Basically we finish and buff the floor to give it a stunning finish. Our entire process is VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and emission free, an entirely non-toxic and safe process.
This floor was naturally finished by MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna BC. 

 Here we are, burnishing the floor after naturally finishing the surface. 

 This floor was naturally finished by MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna BC. 

This floor was naturally finished by MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna BC. 

Why do people love concrete floors?
  • They are super easy to clean and maintain. You can dry or wet mop (use warm water when mopping), sweep, or vacuum to remove small debris on a weekly basis. Use PH-neutral, non-acidic natural cleaners to ensure nothing strips the sealers and waxes. Then once every few years you will have to apply a moisture barrier sealer and waxes. Maintenance and refinishing, totally depends on wear and tear and the client's preference. Some customers like a pristine highly reflective concrete floors, while others like an industrial, high patina, raw surface look.
  • Concrete retains the thermal heat in your home.  Your concrete floors will help store heat and moderate interior heat fluctuations. 
  • Amazing longevity, concrete will likely outlive you and your house.  Concrete lasts much longer when compared to other flooring materials.
  • Concrete is heat and spill resistant.
  • Super durable and easier to repair than other options.
  • Concrete is a clean flooring surface, with little worry of bacteria or allergens since there is usually no grout lines.
  • Concrete floors wear wonderfully, concrete is totally unique and raw - it ages just like natural stone.
  • Future changes (colors, finishes, stains) are usually easy to change and personalize, if your style changes or if you sell your house.  Concrete is easy to cover if you ever want to install other flooring on top.
  • Concrete skim coats, micro-toppings and overlays are similar to the thickness and weight of tile.
  • The top reason that people love concrete floors, is how shockingly stunning they are!

We can help you with maintenance, refinishing and rewaxing your existing concrete floor. When we finish your floor it will come to life... in a non-toxic, eco-friendly, inexpensive kinda way. For more information on sealing, waxing or staining any interior or exterior concrete surface, please contact MODE CONCRETE.  

We service Kelowna and the entire Okanagan Valley, in BC Canada (and can travel depending on client requirements).

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