Monday, 12 May 2014

Modern Light-Weight Concrete Tiles - Perfect for vertical, horizontal, overhead applications - by Mode Concrete in BC

Modern large format tiles easily create a dynamic, contemporary statement.  Our high quality, high performance concrete is our trademark creation of local and eco-friendly materials.  All of our concrete products are artistically and mindfully created.

plank form concrete tiles
All above images and concrete, created by MODE CONCRETE.

We were recently featured in an online article that has a wealth of info, to help you decide if concrete tiles are for you.  Check out the following link; Concrete Tiles: A Quick Fact Sheet On An Amazing Tile -

Where to install concrete large format tiles?  

  • They are perfect for firepalces, bathrooms, on the wall or used as cladding tiles.  Our light weight, fibre reinforced, large-format concrete tiles are perfect for... walls, floors, indoor, outdoor, wet, dry, vertical, horizontal and overhead applications.  Totally endless options.  

How to install our concrete large format tiles?  

  • If you are located near Kelowna, we can help with installation.  Any experienced tile setter can easily install the concrete tiles.

Recommended tools and tips for installation - 
  • 36" wet saw used for tile cutting
  • 5" grinder + diamond blade
  • grinder that smooths the edges down
  • small sanding stone or sand paper to smooth down any rough areas 
  • tile adhesive depends on surface you are adhering too - use same techniques and products that you'd use for natural stone tile installations
  • concrete tiles chip and have similar properties to other tiles and natural stones that are often used 
Our concrete tiles have a special blend of ingredients that makes the concrete lighter weight than natural stone or other tile options.  The high tech products we use in our concrete gives it extra strength.  Our tiles are durable, are easily cut and even easier to install.

MODE CONCRETE can help with any of the services we discuss in this blog.  If you'd like anymore information please contact us.  

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