Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Considering a Concrete Floor Overlay for your Basement? Call the pros at MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna BC (featured in Globe & Mail, and Azure's Product Guide)

Considering concrete overlay floors on your basement?  Well, you've come to the right blog... A concrete floor is the perfect solution to any home-gym, basement, garage, or any space you want something super durable that is easy to maintain. Our clients absolutely love the concrete floors that we have created.  Concrete benefits include durability, flexibility of design options, incredible longevity, easy maintenance, cost and best of all it embraces age by developing a one-of-kind patina that is totally unique.

We specialize in this tricky technique and won't skimp on products, skill or quality to be the cheapest in town. When you hire Mode, you hire the company owner to work directly on your project to attain the highest level of quality possible that stands behind our work. Check out our reviews, we always make sure our customers are happy and will use again in the future.

This client was renovating their basement and hired us to apply our ultra thin concrete overlay on the entire surface.  And ta-da... check out the spectacular results!  All the pictures above are of MODE CONCRETE's concrete overlay on an existing basement floor.

Concrete floors are modern, industrial and raw - people who want a meticulous pristine material that will always look flawless, steer clear of concrete.  It develops wear marks, patinas, natural irregularities, marbling and hairline cracks naturally as it ages.  If you are staining your concrete floor, the darker or more vibrant the stains you choose, the natural patinas may be more obvious. The reason is simply because there is a greater variation between the top layer of stained concrete and the concrete material itself.  Concrete is a natural material, and regardless if you keep your floor natural grey concrete or stain the surface, the natural patina is what makes concrete so fab and makes your floor totally unique.  We are true concrete lovers, are you?

If you have any more questions about our services, or would like to make an appointment please contact us today.

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