Tuesday, 12 April 2016

MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna - Sealcoating, Acid Staining, Repair, Waterproofing Experts

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We specialize in luxury concrete finishing, resurfacing, and concrete repairs in Kelowna and the Okanagan. Contact us for a free estimate or more details! 

We offer acid staining and eco water-based staining, both appropriate for indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces. Artisan stains can be applied to any horizontal or vertical surface.  It's a great way to punch up brand new or boring old concrete, camouflage and disguise cracks or repairs, and a wonderful way to add a designer touch. Our staining gives the result of a natural looking color pattern with mottled shades of the same hue, marbling occurs and each stained piece of concrete is a piece of art.  The art of concrete staining is only as good as the artisan. This is a highly technical and specialized process, we advise that you receive test or sample areas before deciding colors, finishes or assessing the skill of the contractor.  Due to the high level of unpredictability that concrete naturally exhibits, concrete staining is a tricky project even for the most ambitious DIY'er.  Each concrete surface will stain uniquely according to variations in surface density, texture, porosity, and composition. 

MODE CONCRETE can also apply a wide range of concrete sealers... simply alone, or on top of any concrete stain.  Concrete surfaces like walls, driveways, patios, sidewalks, floors, pool decks, garage floors all require sealers to protect them from damage, wear/tear and the natural environmental factors the surface is exposed to.  By properly maintaining and protecting your concrete, you will add years of life to your concrete surface. If your concrete surface is already experiencing a surface failure or what we call 'SPALLING' (pitting, flaking, cracking, crumbling surface, etc) it's always best to clean up the concrete and apply a waterproofing agent to eliminate further surface deterioration or water damage.

The first step to any exterior concrete surface treatment is to properly clean and prepare the surface. Usually high pressure power washing does the trick, but in some instances it's necessary to use more extreme measures. Every project is different - it's best to call us for an onsite consultation so we can make accurate recommendations, specific to your situation.

MODE CONCRETE provides all the services we discuss in this blog.  If you'd like anymore information please contact us. We service Kelowna & area, in BC Canada.

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