Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Eating Al Fresco in the Okanagan

Al Fresco dining is eating outside (from the Italian words "al fresco" = outside, at a fresh temperature).

If you enjoy eating al fresco, you can add another valuable dimension to your home by installing an Outdoor Kitchen.  An outdoor kitchen is the ultimate feature for any chef or person that loves to entertain. Whether its a wood-fired pizza or a cold glass of wine served from your outdoor fridge, an outdoor kitchen can transform the way your family eats and lives.

MODE CONCRETE is flexible, creative and experienced in designing outdoor kitchens to suit your needs. Whatever your vision, we are your one stop shop for outdoor kitchens and all the complimentary elements to go with it: decks and pergolas, outdoor rooms, and landscaping ideas. Before commencing any work, we will provide easy to understand plans and pricing so you know exactly what you will get from your outdoor kitchen.

MODE CONCRETE specializes in creating and designing luxury outdoor kitchens, for both the residential or commercial outdoor living space.  We are getting really busy this time of year, lots of people are planning and designing their outdoor kitchens.  Make sure you plan ahead, use a reputable contractor, and start planning now to make sure you can use you start eating and cooking al fresco as soon as the sun starts to shine.

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