Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stainless Steel Outdoor Cabinets

When creating an outdoor kitchen, longevity, durability and finding products that require minimal maintenance, are all must haves. We are big fans of using stainless steel in your outdoor kitchen, because they stand up to the elements and look great year after year. Danver creates beautiful stainless steel cabinetry, an outstanding, modern and stylish option for your outdoor kitchen. Danver stainless steel cabinetry comes in a variety of finishes that will definitely look great and last for years to come.  Wood Finishes and specialty color powder coats, like Protect-A-Coat, protect against the elements and provide a virtually maintenance free-finish.

Danver's outdoor cabinets are manufactured to exacting standards. This is why their products are trusted by designers, architects, contractors, builders and dealers worldwide. From a wet bar for poolside drinks to a complete outdoor kitchen, stainless steel cabinetry provides unparalleled beauty, durability and style. They now offer wood grain and powder coat finishes in a variety of standard species and colors.

Outdoor cabinets in many places for many purposes:

The beauty and durability of stainless steel makes Danver products perfect for many outdoor applications. Some homeowners installing outdoor kitchens prefer the continuation of the look to poolside, lanais, and play areas. Even if there is no cooking area, the flexible, durable storage serves many backyard and home purposes.  Commercial projects welcome the long-lasting, easy-to-clean cabinetry suitable for any outdoor seating and eating areas. Restaurants install them near patio seating, to keep place settings and linens nearby their customers. Consider high-end touches. How does a permanent executive drinks bar on a balcony sound? Outdoor cabinets give a rich, custom feel.

It’s about exterior decorating:

Outdoor cabinetry allows the taste and style of any indoor decorating scheme to continue outdoors. You have the option of several different stainless steel door and drawer styles.

  • Designer colors: Your design options also include a variety of powder coat paint colors over stainless steel, to match decorating plans. A wide array of color options awaits you.
  • Wood grain finishes in 10 wood species can be applied over outdoor rated powder coat for a truly realistic wood look. It provides an exceptional look for all of the outdoor cabinets, as trim, and can also be used for panels within several door styles


The beauty of stainless steel can be made even more durable and maintenance-free with the application of a clear protective coat. It seals doors, drawers or the entire cabinet from salt damage, chlorine harm and muriatic acid (which is used to clean pavers and is highly corrosive).

Stone and masonry are popular design choices for a rugged or classic outdoor “feel”. Since the dimensions of our products are so specific, cabinetry can be “dropped in” with relative ease. 

Danver products can be ordered from MODE CONCRETE.  We can help with installation and design if required.

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