Thursday, 4 April 2013

Modern Concrete Loft Floors - repaired and naturally refinished by MODE CONCRETE, in Kelowna BC

This ultra modern and super hip penthouse loft has gorgeous, natural concrete floors.  Our client asked us to come in and repair, maintain and refinish them.  Our process usually only takes 2 days, is affordable, is totally natural (we only use safe, eco-friendly products) and you get some serious skill when you hire Mode.  Gareth, the owner and president of Mode Concrete works directly with all our clients throughout the process.  

Top Reasons People Love Concrete Floors - 
  • eco-friendly and natural
  • they age beautifully, embrace wear and people often compare concrete floors to leather 
  • beautiful aesthetics
  • easily creates major design element in any space
  • super durable
  • easy maintenance and super easy to repair if necessary
  • easily customized
  • they get better with age, gain character throughout it's life and embraces irregularities as 'beauty marks' making your floor an ever evolving work of art that is totally original to it's life, it's environment and what it's exposed to
  • long term savings costs
  • great longevity of product with the ability to refinish or recover floor
  • health benefits and good for people with allergies or asthma
  • minimal installation price when compared to other flooring alternatives
  • untrimmed animal claws,  sexy stilletos, or stompy flamenco dancing with high heels could definitely leave marks on your floor, but if your concrete is properly maintained these should only be surface scratches - waxes, sealers and stains will protect the actual integrity of the concrete or surface
  • easy to keep surface clean and germ free

And who can forget about concrete's drop dead gorgeous stylistic appeal?!?!?  Concrete creates a major design element and has major architectural appeal.  Other materials contrast easily and stand out concrete's raw and natural appeal.  We are true concrete lovers... are you?

Please contact MODE CONCRETE for more details about our concrete flooring services.

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