Thursday, 28 March 2013

Take Terrazzo Concrete a Step Further by adding Glass GLOW ROCKS to any Concrete Surface

Glow in the dark concrete is probably the coolest thing we've ever seen.  Glass glow rocks have a life of at least 20 years and will keep on lighting up the night for years.  You pick the color and watch as they change and start glowing when the sun goes down.  Creating a starry night on your concrete surface by mixing up the glow rock glass, with recycled colored glass or simply use the glow rocks alone.  Totally customized to your project, we can work with you to create a conversation piece and something you'll be proud of for years.

Glow Rock Glass Additive Details:
  • Glow Rocks can be used in concrete countertops, floors, concrete tiles, pool decks, concrete slabs or patios, concrete fireplaces, sidewalks, steps, and driveways.
  • Photoluminescent materials (commonly called "glow-in-the-dark") has the ability to absorb light (sunlight, fluorescent, incandescent, etc) and then to emit light. When ambient darkness occurs, it becomes highly visible, lasting at least 8 hours, and up to 20 hours. Upon removal of the light source, the stored light is gradually released, the strongest glow is produced during the first 30 minutes of darkness, the most critical period following a power failure or other emergency. Then it fades over a period of time, when there is light again, it stores energy again.
  • The glowing effect created is both beautiful, and a safety element at night.
  • Glow Rocks and Sands have an expected lifespan of twenty years.
  • Made of glass and ceramic elements.
  • Non-toxic, Non-radioactive. Photoluminescent materials contain no phosphorus or lead, or any other hazardous element or chemical. The term phosphorence is sometimes used to describe luminescence, but these photoluminescent materials contain no phosphorus.
  • How it works: The basic principle of photoluminescence is simple: electrons orbiting atoms or molecules absorb energy through collision with photons during excitation. They then emit this excess energy as photons of (usually visible) light at a later time.
  • The more light the glow rock is exposed to, the more it'll light up when the lights go down.
Please contact Gareth at Mode Concrete for additional details on how we can incorporate glass glow rock into your upcoming concrete projects.

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