Monday, 25 March 2013

What's with all the HYPE about Concrete Floors? Here we discuss Maintenance, Expected Life and DIY vs Hiring the Professionals

We can help you with maintenance  refinishing and rewaxing your existing concrete floor.  MODE CONCRETE refinished the floor below for a client.  When we refinish your floor it will come to life... in a non-toxic, eco-friendly, inexpensive kinda way.  We can help to restore and bring out the natural raw color of your concrete floor, original patinas and mottled beauty marks.  We love concrete for this very reason.  

Concrete Floor Maintenance, Care and Cleaning: Concrete is fairly simple to take care of. You can dry or wet mop (use warm water when mopping), sweep, or vacuum to remove small debris on a weekly basis. Use PH-neutral, non-acidic natural cleaners to ensure nothing strips the sealers and waxes.  Then once few years you will have to apply a moisture barrier sealer and waxes.  Maintenance and refinishing, totally depends on wear and tear and the client's preference.  Some customers like a pristine highly reflective concrete floors, while others like an industrial, high patina, raw surface look.  Whatever your flavour we can help you achieve your dream floor.

Expected Life: Concrete floors have amazing longevity and concrete will likely outlive you and your house. The life expectancy of concrete slabs and floors far exceed that of other flooring materials. Carpeting, hard wood, cork and vinyl are subject to tears, staining, damage and generally shows age and wear way quicker than concrete. People with allergies may also have concerns about dust or molds that may be harbored in carpet fibers, that they need not worry about with concrete. In addition, many floor coverings need to be replaced every few years.  Also keep in mind, that concrete is super easy to cover with another type of flooring if your tastes change over the years.

Hire Professional or DIY? Since concrete flooring is very hard and an unforgiving flooring material with highly unpredictable results - make sure you hire an experience concrete contractor.  See samples and do test areas before deciding what route to go.  There are lots of options are available, just call your local concrete flooring expert for all the options available to you in your area.  Do-it-yourself projects can sometimes erode value, if poor materials or workmanship are used for the project especially when using a highly unpredictable material like concrete. Research all your options before making any decisions and if you go with a contractor, make sure they are reputable and know what they are doing.

Want to do some more research about concrete flooring?  Check out what has to in 'An Overview of Concrete Flooring' -

MODE CONCRETE specializes in custom concrete - located in the Okanagan.
Available to travel for client, depending on scope and project.

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