Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Chicago Brick Ovens - rustic old-world wood fired oven - available through MODE CONCRETE

Chicago Brick Ovens create a unique focal point all by themselves, a total statement piece  They can also be the centerpiece of a full-blown, professional-level outdoor kitchen that includes sinks, refrigerators, gas grills and multiple food prep and serving surfaces.

Made in the USA, all Chicago Brick Oven (residential), wood-fired brick ovens are easy to install and can be fit into a variety of landscape designs and styles.  And best of all, if you want they come with a wheeled cart underneath that makes them non-permanent so if you ever move, you can bring your brilliant Chicago Brick Oven with you!

Combining the warmth and beauty of a hearth with better cooking capacity than a commercial range, a wood-fired brick oven from Chicago Brick Oven is the center of your outdoor space. A traditional Neapolitan design and made in the U.S.A. quality make Chicago Brick Oven the most unique oven on the market today.  The CBO chamber design creates a consistent FlameRoll™ for high-heat cooking and the professional wood-fired taste.

You’ll love CBO ovens if you’re like us and are enthusiastic about:

  • Extending your entertaining and living space to the great outdoors
  • Creating unique, unforgettable dining experiences for friends and family
  • Enjoying great food of all kinds, from pizzas and chops to roasted veggies and seafood
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Please contact us today. We’d love to introduce you to a whole new level of outdoor cooking, entertaining and backyard fun with a wood-fired brick oven!  

MODE CONCRETE helps DIY'ers, the client that wants the full luxury outdoor kitchen or someone looking for that perfect showpiece for outdoor entertaining.  Whatever your budget or requirements are, MODE can help you! 

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