Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Lynx Professional Grills... Rumor is, Lynx has the best grill in the world. You be the judge.

Rumor is, Lynx Professional Grills are one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.  Grillers and BBQ'ers all over the world rejoice as grilling season approaches us.  Hands down, if you read the reviews and talk to the experts, consistently you'll hear about Lynx being one of the best grills available on the market today.

What Lynx says about their grills 'The outdoors is our habitat. It’s also our specialty - we’re experts at it.  And while the worlds greatest grill will always be our flagship, we’ve applied the Lynx philosophy and outstanding workmanship to the whole collection of outdoor products and accessories, from refrigerators to warming drawers.  Lynx’s complete line of outdoor kitchen products combines advanced proprietary technologies and refined features that you can use to design your own outdoor cooking center.' (from http://www.lynxgrills.com/Index.asp)

Before you decide what line of grills peak your interest, do your research. We'll help you and do some of the research for you.  Here are a few reviews we found about Lynx Professional Grills, just click the links and read what other people are saying about Lynx.
  1. Lynx Professional Grills - IN SEEKING OUT THE WORLD’S ULTIMATE GRILL, LYNX PROFESSIONAL GRILLS MAY VERY WELL BE THE BEST GAS GRILLS ON THE PLANET - a review by eMercedesBenz (an online magazine dedicated to covering the Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and smart brands).
  2. At the heart of every Lynx Gas Grill is a heavy duty solid cast brass burner that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Lynx Professional 42-Inch Gas Grill - a review by About.com.
  3. Bobby's Best 2013 Lynx Grill Reviews.  There are bbq grills and then there’s Lynx. Lynx makes the best high-end grills on the market. 

The Lynx difference lies in its commitment to using the best materials for quality grilling.  Lynx's drop-dead good looks and unmistakable high-end quality offers the best in performance and durability.  

MODE CONCRETE offers the full range of Lynx Professional Grills and Outdoor Living products. Contact us for more details, pricing and ordering times.

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