Thursday, 7 March 2013

Brazillian Grillls - the ultimate outdoor wood fired oven - available in BC through MODE CONCRETE

Brazilian Grills are the ultimate outdoor wood fired oven. 100% Canadian made and easy to assemble, available in various colours such as sandstone, beige, grey and terracotta with a variety of decorative door styles.

Enjoy evenings and weekends with a unique flavour that can’t be reproduced by a normal kitchen or barbeque. But bread and pizza aside you can cook almost anything in a wood fired oven to capture the flavour of the original Brazilian grill.

Our oven assembly is much easier than constructing your own oven as our kit has only 5 pieces and can be assembled in less then 1 hour.Our product is produced from high strength engineered refractory materials and kiln dried.  Perfect for the DIY client, or we can help install and assemble the stove if required.

All product information, images, and product details from: Brazillian Grills

Please contact us today. We’d love to introduce you to a whole new level of outdoor cooking, entertaining and backyard fun with a wood-fired brick oven!  

MODE CONCRETE helps DIY'ers, the client that wants the full luxury outdoor kitchen or someone looking for that perfect showpiece for outdoor entertaining.  Whatever your budget or requirements are, MODE can help you! 

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