Monday, 9 September 2013

Contemporary Polished Concrete Floors - naturally treated and buffed by MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna BC

Our contemporary polished concrete floors are the perfect option for any indoor or outdoor space. Polished concrete is often used in many areas like: art galleries, shopping malls, warehouses, retail environments as well many residential or industrial properties.  Basically we finish and buff the floor to give it a stunning finish. Our entire process is VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and emission free, an entirely non-toxic and safe process.

We can help you with maintenance, refinishing and rewaxing your existing concrete floor. When we finish your floor it will come to life... in a non-toxic, eco-friendly, inexpensive kinda way. We can help to restore and bring out the natural raw color of your concrete floor, original patinas and mottled beauty marks. We love concrete for this very reason. This floor was a raw, natural, basement concrete floor, untreated contractors concrete. We prepared and cleaned the concrete, and completed our finishing process to create this look.  We dig it... do you?

Client feedback about this polished concrete floor: We used Gareth to seal and polish our concrete floor and it turned to be a fantastic looking and economical alternative verse other floor finishes. Highly recommended. Regards, Gavin B. Sparg

Concrete Floor Maintenance, Care and Cleaning: Concrete is fairly simple to take care of. You can dry or wet mop (use warm water when mopping), sweep, or vacuum to remove small debris on a weekly basis. Use PH-neutral, non-acidic natural cleaners to ensure nothing strips the sealers and waxes.  Then once every few years you will have to apply a moisture barrier sealer and waxes.  Maintenance and refinishing, totally depends on wear and tear and the client's preference.  Some customers like a pristine highly reflective concrete floors, while others like an industrial, high patina, raw surface look.

Contact us for a free no obligation written estimate. Mode Concrete is highly knowledgeable and can discuss your requirements and advise the best option that suits your needs.

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