Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Contemporary, Modern Polished Concrete Floor Screams Style - by MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna, BC

Concrete shakes off its cold reputation by combining brilliant innovations, cutting edge applications and new techniques.  Concrete works perfectly in residential, commercial, industrial, indoor, or outdoor applications.  So totally versatile.  

Concrete floors work in any room of the house, not just in the basement.  More and more clients are opting for concrete.  Concrete lovers want their space to scream style in a subtle, understated, elegant sort-of-way. And if you’re worried about it looking too industrial, you can easily soften it with punches of color, rugs, textiles and by mixing in warmer materials like wood planks. 

Here is a recent commercial concrete floor that we refinished for the Kelowna client.  This floor had tile on previously.  Once the tile was stripped and the concrete was cleaned up, this was the final product after our process was complete.  We love the extra variations that this floor has compared to a brand spanking new floor.  It already looks industrial and has lots of natural patinas and mottling mixed throughout the surface. 

If you want ultra-modern style and major design impact, consider concrete floors - the flooring for the stylish at heart.  Concrete floors give a super-modern look, industrial look - and like freckles, concrete floors help to camouflage wear as it gets older.  With concrete we embrace and look forward to variations, irregularities, and the patina that develops with wear over time.

Concrete Flooring Benefits:

  • STYLISH - Undeniably gorgeous, original, one of kind and a piece of art. 
  • LONGEVITY - Excellent longevity of investment when compared to other materials available on the market.  If done right, concrete will outlive you.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Concrete floors can help you save energy. They feel cooler in the summer, so there is less of a need to use air conditioning. During the winter, concrete floors absorb the heat from the sun, helping to keep your home warm. For those with radiant-heated floors, concrete is the best flooring surface to maximize heat conduction and minimize energy usage. Some worry that a concrete floor will be cold and hard on their feet. The truth is that finished concrete floors are no colder or hard-feeling as other common flooring types like ceramic tiles, stone and marble.
  • SUSTAINABILITY - Using concrete floors helps to minimize waste, unlike other types of flooring, such as carpet, which creates waste from padding and carpet scraps. Also, concrete does not contain the harmful VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that many synthetic carpets do.
  • NON-SLIP SURFACE - Especially with an added glossy finish, you would think concrete floors would be slippery. But the truth is that as long as your floor is installed by a professional, it should not be slippery. Standard practice and appropriate top coats, ensure that a non-slip additive is applied to the final finish of the floor.
  • DURABILITY - If they are properly installed and maintained, concrete floors rarely need replacement and there is virtually no maintenance with concrete floors.  
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Maintenance is simple. Just vacuum or sweep and follow up with a damp mop. The amount of traffic your floors receive will determine the amount of maintenance it will need. A concrete floor with normal traffic will probably need a reapplication of the finish every 2-3 years. Keep in mind that concrete is the most abrasive-resistant and durable floor. 
  • COST - Some considerations; size of job, detail (is it a basic application of stain or dye or more detailed design), preparation requirements, time frame, products and materials used (hardware store brand or professional grade) and finally, the experience level of the installer (a more experienced professional concrete artist/craftsman will charge more).
Contact MODE CONCRETE for more details about any services we discuss in our blog.  Did you know we only operate of referrals and recommendations?  We make sure our past clients are always happy, research it... we dare you.

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