Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Contemporary Concrete Kitchen with Waterfall Countertop - made by MODE CONCRETE in BC

This is a renovated kitchen that we recently worked on. This countertop was overextended and a waterfall edge was added. Waterfall edges are great because they finish off the end of the kitchen cabinetry nicely, while providing extra livable space with the bar edge. 

Waterfall counters (also known as risers) have been THE trend in kitchens all over the world lately, both for their stylistic appeal and long-term durability when compared to other materials. When extended to the floor this countertop instantly looks more modern, clean and high-end.  The concrete surfaces that we create are incredibly durable, waterproof and easy to keep clean and germ free. All of our concrete is top quality and built to last for years!  

MODE CONCRETE specializes in creating custom concrete countertops and we can customize the concrete in a multitude of ways, to perfectly fit within your space.  As for cleaning and maintaining, like most countertops, a mild soap and a cloth are all that should be used for routine cleanup. Be sure to avoid harsh cleansers or anything abrasive.

We also can assist you refinishing or maintaining your existing concrete countertop, concrete floors and any decorative concrete surface.  Contact us today for details on any of the services discussed in this blog. 

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