Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cool and Modern Concrete Floors - by MODE CONCRETE

If you want to create a major design impact, consider concrete floors - the flooring for the stylish at heart.  Concrete floors get so much better with age and like freckles, concrete floors help to camouflage wear as it gets older.  With concrete we embrace and look forward to variations, irregularities, and the patina that develops with wear over time. 

Below are images of a natural concrete floor that we recently polished and finished. We love love love the final look!!

Recently, the use of concrete as a residential flooring option has become more popular as more beautiful and economical techniques have become available, and major designers are spreading the word about the amazing benefits of concrete floors. Concrete flooring is so durable that it has become a great option economically and packs quite the style statement. 

Benefits of concrete flooring:
  • it's a green, eco-friendly, zero-waste option - the flooring is already in your home
  • as your taste or style evolves, it's easy to change the look of your concrete floor
  • every house already has a concrete floor waiting to show it's potential and personality
  • our process is eco-friendly, dust-free and non-toxic
  • it is has great longevity when compared to other flooring materials
  • it enhances the integrity of your homes' architectural design elements
  • they are super easy to maintain, keep clean and are hypo-allergenic
  • it's easy to change, especially if you sell your home; the next owner can place other flooring on top of the concrete slab
  • they are great in regions with a lot of sand, snow or moisture


Above are pictures of another gorgeous project completed by Mode Concrete in Kelowna BC. Please contact us to discuss any of the services we talk about in our blog. 

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  1. I've heard from a friend that concrete floors are a lot better than wood floors. I suppose that concrete is more solid and durable. I don't know a lot about wood flooring however.