Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Sealing and Waxing Concrete Floors - An Easy, Cost-Effective way to Create a Style Statement

An existing concrete floor that MODE CONCRETE sealed and waxed.  We didn't add any color or pigment.  This is natural standard grey concrete - and we are in and out within usually 2 days!  A quick and stylish fix to any new and existing concrete surface.

How do you prepare concrete for sealer, wax or stain??
  • Thoroughly clean (pressure wash if necessary) and de-grease your concrete, allow to totally dry out.  Typically wait a few days before sealer, wax, or stain application.
  • Create a test section or test sample pieces, to see exact coloring and finishing is to your preference (don't do the test in direct sunlight).
  • All applications of sealer, wax and stains should be done in thin coats opposed to heavy thick coats.  Wait at least 2 hours between coats.  
  • If applying on outdoor concrete surfaces only do in warmer seasons (or hoard off and heat area).
  • Allow 24 hours to dry before regular traffic.
  • Apply in well ventilated areas.  Be careful of sparks from fans and electrical devices if using any flammable liquids.
  • Always wear appropriate protective gear, follow manufacturers application instructions and gain knowledge on the products you anticipate using.
  • Sealers are usually best applying with a spray gun, while wax is usually mopped on. But make sure to check your product directions and see what they recommend.
  • Hot days are not the best for applying sealers.

Why should you seal and wax your concrete?
  • It creates and maintains a natural luster and shine that is a characteristic of maintained concrete. 
  • Increases the longevity and life of the concrete.
  • Makes your concrete resist moisture, staining, and helps to prevent surface damage.
  • Anti-slip and other additives can also be added, if you're concerned about slipping on the concrete.
  • Various sheens and matte finishes are available, depending on your style preference.
  • Brings out the natural irregularities, patinas and patterns that occur in concrete - in our opinion this is the best thing!

Contact MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna BC, for a free onsite concrete consultation and an estimate.  For more information or to book an appointment, please call 250.864.6566!

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