Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Be Bedazzled... with Concrete Terrazzo!

Really... did we just say bedazzled out loud?  You should try and rhyme anything to terrazzo (suggestions welcome!)...

Terrazzo is an ancient artistic creation, consisting of chips of glass, marble, or similar material fixed in tinted cement or concrete, then ground and polished to down. Terrazzo is a highly durable concrete material great for flooring, tiles, countertops, fireplace surrounds.  It is especially great when applied in high traffic installations for its resilience and longevity. The composition of terrazzo allows you to incorporate post-consumer and pre-consumer recyclables like glass, marble and cement.  We can even add glow rock dust...  it's probably our favorite additive!

Many of the available aggregates and additives are locally recycled post-consumer glass. Rather than recycling glass by melting it down, we are always environmentally conscious when choosing recycled aggregate whenever possible.  Look at all these colors available...

Here are some terazzo pros and cons for you to consider:
PROS - elegant, unique, durable, easy maintenance, customizable, hand crafted
CONS - cost, cold, no cushion (for sound), usually requires professional contractors

Terrazzo floors date back to the Renaissance and were invented by the Venetians. The Italians used terrazzo floors in cathedrals and other grand places. Did you know that Michelangelo had terrazzo floors installed when he was working on St Peter’s Basilica, ooh la la. Terrazzo floors are often referred to as 'Venetian mosaic', due to their appearance.

Our conclusion on terrazzo - Why doesn't everyone have terrazzo?!  MODE CONCRETE recently traveled to Vancouver (for the IDS West) and stayed at the MODA Hotel, they have gorgeous restored 100 yr old terrazzo mosaic floors that inspired us to create another article about their long term beauty!  If ever in Vancouver, go to the Uva Wine Bar (in the MODA Hotel) and check out the stunning floors... totally drool worthy.  And maybe grab a drink, since you're there anyways...  We would've taken pictures, but how weird would laying on the floor be?  It would appear pretty weird, I'm guessing.

We have always had an obsession with terrazzo, call us for more information or a free estimate. MODE CONCRETE is a concrete design firm specializing in hand cast and artisan created pieces.

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