Tuesday, 13 November 2012

White Concrete - Gleaming White or Stained to Perfection?

Have you ever heard of using white concrete for floors, tiles, or countertops?  White concrete is sure to create an impact, whatever the application and is the perfect color to start with when designing anything. This innovative white version of concrete is reminiscent of newly fallen snow and blends so well in a variety of design styles. Basically, the product mix of the concrete uses white cement in place of the standard gray which allows for more vibrant, richer colors to be achieved when staining or when adding coloring pigment.  It is also on trend to add no color or stain at all and leave the concrete a bright, gleaming white.  The white allows spaces to feel larger, architecture and design elements stand out and textures/colors to really pop against this. 

White concrete pictured above, was created by MODE CONCRETE.

If pure white is not your thing, let your imagination go crazy.  Stained, colored, textured or smooth, concrete boasts limitless design options. It provides a blank canvas upon which homeowners and designers can leave their mark. Concrete lends itself to so many design styles, but best thing is how concrete gains character over time and like freckles, concrete floors help to camouflage wear as it gets older and only gets better with age, wear and traffic.

But beyond the design advantages, these surfaces are low maintenance and they blend seamlessly with a multitude of various design styles.  Concrete will have variations and inconsistencies, all characteristic properties of concrete.  With concrete we embrace and look forward to variations, in particular concrete floors will develop irregularities, freckles, hairline fractures, spider webbing, and will patina naturally with wear over time.

  • Dust and wipe frequently to remove gritty soil or dirt.
  • Use natural, nonabrasive cleaners for best results and longevity of concrete, sealers and stains.
  • Every few years, rewaxing or restaining may be required depending on wear and tear.

MODE CONCRETE is an artisan concrete design studio specializing in custom concrete, concrete floors, fireplace surrounds, furniture, and other custom projects, and the list goes on and on... Basically, we conceptualize, design and build gnarly awesome stuff out of concrete on a daily basis.  We are largely fueled by caffeine, constant brainstorming, and love hitting the drawing board with our next project or idea.  Gareth lives, dreams, breathes concrete... his passion for concrete is infectious.  We encourage you to call for a free onsite concrete design consultation.

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