Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Our Concrete Dream Lounger - made by the concrete wizards at MODE CONRETE

Make your neighbors jealous with MODE CONCRETE's concrete dream lounger, perfect for indoors or outdoors. This modern chaise is as lounge worthy as it is a conversation starter.  Our dream lounger used to weigh close to 400lbs, but now it only weighs in at closer to 200lbs.  Gareth has been experimenting again, this time he has come up with the perfect light weight concrete. For the average joe, he basically adds all sorts of concrete magic to our already stunning concrete furniture line... so now it's more mobile and easier to move wherever your life may take you.
Our dream lounger, comfortable and hip—our lounger looks great everywhere. And at nearly 200 lbs it’s not going anywhere, the tide surely won’t wash this away. It looks amazing beachfront, on your dock or poolside. Around a fire or in a garden, the dream lounger even looks stunning inside the home with cushions on top. This modern lounger is as lounge worthy as it is stylish looking. With lots of ergonomic and architectural appeal, we promise you won’t want to move once you sit in this lounger.

All of our furniture is custom and made to order by European trained concrete artisans, using only the best products and techniques available.  Contact us for more details about our concrete furniture, or for pricing details.

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