Saturday, 19 January 2013

Modern Trends in Concrete Flooring - Concrete Water-Based Stain, Acid Stain, Terrazzo, Concrete Overlays, Top Coats, Skim Coats

Here is an overlay MODE CONCRETE applied on an existing concrete basement floor.

Water Based Eco-Stain (non-toxic)
Eco-stains stains are another concrete flooring treatment that can be used on existing or brand new concrete for a decorative touch. These eco-friendly stains consist pigment that can be applied in a variety of colors and is applied to the surface. The effect is either vibrant, with the application of numerous coats, to subtle and marbled, depending on color choices and application techniques.

Acid Stain Concrete

Acid stains are applied to concrete flooring (new and existing) and add a wonderful a decorative touch. Acid stains consist of a solution of acid and water mixed with metallic salts that can be applied in a wide array of colors. The effect is a natural looking color pattern with mottled shades of the same hue, marbling occurs and each stained piece of concrete is a peice of art.  The floor and art of acid staining is only as good as the artisan. This concrete flooring finish looks as superb in retail stores as it does in modern homes, and it is ultra easy to maintain.

Scored and Cut Concrete

Scoring concrete flooring can add dimension to the flooring through custom shapes and patterns. Scoring is done by making shallow cuts to the surface. The flooring can be done in a single color or multiple shades for a unique pattern. Floors should be sealed and waxed after treatment to maintain their beauty over the long term.

Concrete Overlays, Top Coats, Skim Coats 
A poured concrete floor (overlays, topcoats and skim-coats) are installed and poured on top of the existing surface or floor. Certain applications of concrete are suitable for underfloor and infloor radiant heating.  Make sure you use a reputable concrete contractor to ensure the proper preparation and techniques are being used on your project.

With proper preparation it can be applied to existing concrete, on a wooden sub-floor, on a wooden substrate, on top of most uneven surfaces.  Existing flooring can be covered with a concrete overlay if you want to change your floor or if it's in bad shape. An appointment is always recommend in this regard, so we can properly asses the prep required.

Terrazzo is an ancient artistic creation, consisting of chips of glass, marble, or similar material fixed in tinted cement or concrete, then ground and polished to down. Terrazzo is a highly durable concrete material great for flooring, tiles, countertops, fireplace surrounds.  It is especially great when applied in high traffic installations for its resilience and longevity. The composition of terrazzo allows you to incorporate post-consumer and pre-consumer recyclables like glass, marble and cement.  We can even add glow rock dust...  it's probably our favorite additive!

Concrete flooring provides a unlimited options to modernize any space. With many options and colors and relatively low maintenance, it is no wonder concrete flooring has become the trend of today and the choice of many top designers and architects.

MODE CONCRETE provides all the services we discussed in this blog.  If you'd like anymore information please contact us.

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