Saturday, 26 January 2013

Modfire's Bonfire, a midcentury modern fire unit... 7 feet tall and full of gorgeous!

Bonfire - 7 feet tall and full of gorgeous

We don’t know if bigger is better, but it’s definitely hotter. The Urban Bonfire is Modfire's award-winning fireplace design in extra-large. At 7’ tall, this unit creates a real presence in your outdoor space, providing a place for large gatherings and a focal point on your deck or patio..

The Urban Bonfire can be configured to burn propane, ethanol or natural gas. It works well in both commercial and residential installations.

Product Details:

The Bonfire in propane or natural gas has a modern star burner mounted to its firebowl to provide a perfectly dispersed flame. Covering the propane burner with either lava rock or fire glass is a great way to disperse the flame and add a customized touch (not included).

A 10' length of flex-hose makes it easy to attach to your propane tank (the propane model uses a standard 20lb propane tank like the one used for most residential gas grills). It is also possible to order a longer hose to store your tank further away. The natural gas model comes with stubbed out pipe that should be connected to your natural gas line by a licensed contractor in your area.

This ethanol model is powered by an Eco-smart burner that uses clean-burning ethanol. It puts out a toasty 18,600 BTUs and is safe for indoor or outdoor use. The burner holds about 2 gallons of fuel and burns for apx 8 hours without refilling.

The Bonfire is manufactured from 14 gauge rolled steel. They are hand-rolled into a sleek cone designed to both direct the heat and provide a beautiful modern centerpiece for your outdoor space. Each one is then finished in the Modfire studio by one of their steel artisans. Seams are welded and smoothed, the distinctive openings are hand-formed, and the finish is applied.

Each Bonfire is unique and will have slight variations in size and finishing. In general, they measure 32" in diameter at the base, 10" at the top and stand 83". Average weight is about 120 lbs.

This model comes in Natural Steel or any of our color finishes: Ultra-lounge White, Avocado, Azure, Maraschino, or Tangerine. Each one includes several layers of high-temperature paint plus a thousand degree clear coat to protect the steel and provide a vibrant finish.

For any fellow Canadians who are as speechless as we are about Modfire's entire line - contact MODE CONCRETE for ordering details eh?!  We can honestly say, for us... it was love at first sight.  

All above product information and photos credits, courtesy of: Modfire

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