Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Concrete Dream Lounger, looks super stunning next to modern architecture - by Mode Concrete in Kelowna BC

Our Concrete Dream Lounger, looks super stunning next to modern architecture.  MODE CONCRETE's Dream Lounger is available in standard grey, black, white or aqua.

This aqua stained concrete chaise lounger was made by Mode Concrete in Kelowna BC.  We recently placed one of our Dream Loungers in front of The Factory, located at 1302 ST. PAUL ST. in KELOWNA, BC.  

Currently in spring 2013, the price for our standard grey Dream Loungers start at $4000 each for standard grey, and $4750 for colored or stained dream loungers (price subject to change).

Weighing in at a few hundred pounds, our concrete furniture isn't going anywhere... the tide surely won’t wash these babies away.  Concrete provides the ideal outdoor furniture solution since it's very durable and can easily cope with outdoor elements (especially in Canada!). Concrete is heavy so it's ideal in high wind zone areas and coastal zones.  Our clients have chosen concrete furniture due to their low maintenance and resilience to all conditions.  They complement a wide range of indoor or outdoor environments and are an ideal choice for the architecturally aware and style savvy clients.

MODE specializes in a variety of things, but our passion lies in creating new and innovative furniture statement pieces out of concrete.  We have come up with a few modern, minimalist, simple and classic concrete pieces that are as timeless as they are durable. Totally suited for residential, commercial or hospitality settings.  All of our concrete furniture can be used indoors or outdoors and is stain resistant because of the sealers and waxes we apply to the surface. MODE CONCRETE has taken the raw beauty of concrete and fused it together with a unique blend of modern furniture designs.

We'd love to hear from you!  If you're interested in our concrete furniture or would like to place a furniture order please get in touch with us.

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