Thursday, 16 May 2013

Water Front Concrete Repair, Reinforcement and Maintenance - water erosion reparied by the specialists at MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna BC

When you are lucky enough to have a lakefront home, you have to deal with the natural erosion that inevitably occurs.  Erosion is a natural process that causes a gradual wearing away of surfaces by water, ice and wind. Erosion causes slumping, surface runoff, silt deposits, and if left unchecked, major property, building damage and concrete deterioration. Protect your shoreline by creating a buffer zone and repair deteriorating items as soon as you spot them.

We were hired by a client to help repair this crumbly, hollow, water front concrete pad.  With old or aged cement or concrete docks, the only option is repair the concrete and try and work with what exists already.  As far as we know, it is against the current bylaw's to fabricate new concrete docks or patios this close to the water.  Homes or properties with existing concrete shore-side have the option of structurally reinforcing what is already there... the zero-waste and green option!

Repairing the concrete or cement that is already there, is a great option because... 1) it's affordable 2) it's green and creates zero waste 3) concrete is stronger than any other material 4) takes minimal time to repair and concrete dries quickly 5) concrete can be stained to disguise the repairs 6) you can top the concrete with any material of your choice if you'd prefer 7) is easily repaired by concrete experts who have plenty of experience.

Home or properties with existing water front concrete have the option of structurally reinforcing what is already there, the zero-waste and green option.

The concrete was hollow and crumbly underneath this slab, so we created large holes that were filled with concrete and large lengths of rebar, all tied into the existing concrete surface.


After these are the after shots (the concrete appears darker since it's still fresh, but once dry you'll barely notice the repair).  Another happy client ready to enjoy the beautiful beachside, BC weather!

Every project is different, but an experienced concrete contractor should easily be able to assess your project, give you options, show you samples and work with you to achieve the results you desire within your budget and estimated price.  We are experts at concrete installation, forming, concrete refinishing and all decorative concrete applications.  

If you want to hire a professional high-quality concrete company that will stand behind their work and their reputation - contact MODE CONCRETE today.  We provide free onsite consultations to inquiring clients, a written estimate and unparalleled customer service... we continuously surpass our clients expectations every time!

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