Friday, 10 May 2013

Concrete Pool Deck Repair, Staining, Sealing, Installation - by MODE CONCRETE in Kelowna BC

It's that time of year, when everyone heads outside to enjoy some of our beautiful Okanagan sunshine!  Everyone that lives here or visits, understands what this means.  It feels like you're on vacation or in some hot beautiful European destination when you're in Kelowna, totally unlike anywhere else I've been in Canada.  I'll further describe what the Okanagan feels like to the first time visitor.... think Spanish rolling hills, vineyards, orchards, lovely beaches, lush trees, mountains, hummingbirds, great backyards and everyone maximizing their outside time!

Check out this concrete pool deck - it only needed a little bit of repair before this client can jump in, and enjoy this glorious water.  Who wants to worry about chipped, cracked or crumbly concrete interfering with summer fun?!  No-one, that's who.  So call MODE CONCRETE for more details on how we can help you get prepared and all repaired before the guests start rolling in!

Mode Concrete can help you refinish, repair or install lots of different indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces (we can even help with outdoor kitchens!). We have worked with many residential and commercial clients over the years.  If you want to improve the look of your concrete patio, slab, sidewalk, backyard, driveway, retaining walls or pool-deck... the experts at Mode Concrete can give you all the options available. Every project is different, but an experienced concrete contractor should easily be able to assess your project, give you options, show you samples and work with you to achieve the results you desire within your budget and estimated price.  We are experts at concrete installation, forming, concrete refinishing and all decorative concrete applications.  If you want to hire a professional high-quality concrete company that will stand behind their work and their reputation - contact MODE CONCRETE today.  We provide free onsite consultations to inquiring clients, a written estimate and unparalleled customer service... we continuously surpass our clients expectations every time!

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