Friday, 8 February 2013

Basement Concrete Floors Naturally Look Modern and Amazing - Quick Process with Concrete Sealers and Wax - MODE CONCRETE services the Okanagan Valley in BC

No concrete floor is complete without the application of a sealer and/or wax. Punch up your concrete surface even further, by applying a staining agent or adding a color to the surface.  Taking the time to put down this final layer of protection not only prolongs the life of your concrete floor, but also greatly enhances and preserves its natural beauty and appearance.  Since all concrete has its own unique color, ‘beauty marks,’ and personality – two floors will never be identical, but that’s the cool thing about concrete.  When wax is applied to your concrete, it comes alive and you will notice a beautiful sheen and uniform luster or reflective quality.  

And the best thing about finishing your existing concrete floors... usually most projects (like this basement floor pictured below that we recently finished in the Okanagan) only take 2 days. 

Here is an example of a natural concrete existing basement floor, that we simply sealed and waxed.  It's an easy, cost effective flooring option that elevates the natural beauty that occurs already in concrete.  Great for people with allergies, it's an eco-friendly flooring option and it is has great longevity when compared to other flooring materials - what else could you ask for?!  It's the ideal flooring material!

We specialize in Concrete Floors, Overlays and Concrete Surface Staining/Waxing/Sealing and service the entire Okanagan Valley.  Contact us today for more information.

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