Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Modern Bathroom with Black Stained Concrete Floor easily Contrasts a Rustic Wooden Vanity and White Porcelain

This home is a cutting edge design from floor to ceiling, gorgeous wood tones fill the home with light and warmth, especially since everything in the home is reflecting off the ultra chic and cool black stained concrete floor. 

Here is a stunning modern bathroom with a black concrete floor that contrasts beautifully against rustic wooden vanity and white porcelain. We created this custom black stained concrete floor, to exactly match up with samples and colors requested by the client, they had a great vision when designing this powder room.  

This contemporary bathroom design has a great balance between natural warm materials and modern elements.  If you love their style and want to recreate this look, the main elements are: a naturally beautiful rough cut wooden slab used as a vanity, a black concrete floor, architectural statement white porcelain vessel sink and toilet, and stainless elements (plumbing and tap).  

Why is concrete a great option for a bathroom or any wet area? There are a number of challenges that face a bathroom floor or wet areas on a daily basis, including water concerns, humidity changes, and staining agents which spill and splatter. With concrete, you get a floor or counter-top that is uniquely suited to your design scheme and the concrete itself is nearly indestructible, while the stains and waxes will develop a rich complex patina as it wears and is exposed to environmental factors. Even though your concrete will achieve character and marks as it ages, nothing will affect the strength of the concrete floor itself.  If you'd like to naturally finish your concrete surface but want a bit of sheen... waxes, stains and sealers make sure all damages are absorbed by making the floor a bit softer if anything should come into contact with the concrete.  Concrete is not for the perfectionist, people often say concrete is very similar to leather or vintage jeans, they get better with age.  One thing we love doing is checking out architecture in a city and noticing the concrete objects and buildings that look better than they day they were created and poured. Concrete is one of those rare materials that looks better the older it is. Concrete naturally develops character that tells a story about its life.

Concrete Floor Maintenance, Care and Cleaning: Concrete is fairly simple to take care of. You can dry or wet mop, sweep, or vacuum to remove small debris on a weekly basis. Use neutral, natural cleaners to ensure nothing strips the sealers and waxes.  Then once every one or two years you will have to apply a moisture barrier sealer and waxes.

Since concrete flooring is very hard, and an unforgiving flooring material with highly unpredictable results - make sure you hire an experience concrete contractor and see samples before deciding if concrete is for you.  Lots of options are available call your local concrete flooring expert for all the options available to you.

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