Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Considering Modern Concrete Floors? Here are some top questions we get from inquiring minds about concrete floors and overlays

If you want ultra-modern style and major design impact, consider concrete floors - the flooring for the stylish at heart. Concrete floors give a super-modern look, industrial look - and like freckles, concrete floors help to camouflage wear as it gets older. With concrete we embrace and look forward to variations, irregularities, and the patina that develops with wear over time. 

This is an example to show the thickness of our concrete floors, they are totally perfect for any floor in your home!

Here are some top questions we often get asked by inquiring minds from all over the world, about our concrete floors and overlays:
  • Thickness is usually between 3/8" to 1/2" thick and similar weight to tile or natural stone.
  • It can be applied indoors or outdoors to any level or story of the structure (with proper preparation).
  • This is a great option for open concept living or indoor/outdoor living by easily creating a cohesive look and surface.
  • Our concrete floors are available in standard grey or white, which are easily customized by staining (acid stain or water based non-toxic stain).
  • Price........ well, you usually get what you pay for, and getting the best deal or accepting the cheapest estimate, will probably not get you the best results or greatest longevity of the product. The difference in cost could be quality of materials, quality of workmanship, level of experience and could dictate your general level of satisfaction for years to come.
  • Try before you buy!!  All contractors should provide you with a sample or test area, since all concrete reacts differently this is a great way to make sure you like it before you buy it.
  • For people wondering if concrete floors can be done on wood subfloors and substrates...  well yes you can!  After preparing the surface, we can pour a thin layer of new concrete to any room in your house.  Depending on the flex in your wooden subfloor, hairline cracks are natural and expected to appear on the surface. This comes from the concrete slab being a single, solid piece of rock and the wood underneath is flexible and changes and shifts consistently. When the foundation of the house shifts, the concrete is subjected to various flex points and pressures which take the form of tiny hairline fractures in the material.  Designers love this aspect of concrete since it adds tremendous character to the floor.
  • With adequate sealers and waxes, your floor will have a barrier protecting your concrete.  Proper concrete sealing/waxing every few years will maintain your floor and renew that wonderful brand-new sheen or reflective quality to your concrete floor.  We always finish our concrete products with natural, eco-friendly products, that aren't harmful or toxic to people or the environment.
Concrete benefits include durability, flexibility of design options, incredible longevity, easy maintenance, cost and best of all it embraces age by developing a one-of-kind patina that is totally unique. Concrete is a natural material, and regardless how your concrete floor is finished, the natural patina is what makes concrete so ultra-chic.

If you have any questions or would like an estimate, please get in touch with us.

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