Thursday, 14 February 2013

Concrete Floors Easily create Design Element, next to these Modern Stairs with Glass Panel Railing

Concrete floors easily create a design element, next to this modern staircase with glass panel railing. The warm wood against the cool concrete, packs a punch and contrasts beautifully.  

This client wanted us to work with their brand new existing concrete basement floor (regular contractors concrete).  Gareth (owner of Mode Concrete) went in and cleaned the surface, sealed and waxed the surface (numerous applications of both are applied).  Usually this process only takes 2 days.

Concrete Floors - weighing them against the options:
  • eco-friendly and super cool
  • most of our clients go with concrete floors, because they love the look of concrete
  • natural stone is a great comparison, and very similar to the properties of concrete (weight, temperature, hardness)
  • we'd say 70% of our customers want some level of customization on their concrete floor (staining, seams, stenciling, logos) and see their concrete as a blank canvas, while others embrace standard grey natural concrete for all it's beauty
  • concrete floors are not a fad - they fit into many design schemes and will easily transition with your tastes and furnishings
  • the most common concern is inevitable concrete cracking throughout your concrete floor - while some people love and look forward to the cracking and find this aspect appealing about concrete floors giving them the natural aged look just like real stone
  • slippery concrete floors are curbed by applying barriers on the surface, like sealers, waxes or slip resistant additives

There aren't many flooring options that have this many benefits - design, colors, personalizations make your floor your own personal blank canvas.  A gorgeous, long-lasting surface that is gaining more and more popularity all the time.  

MODE CONCRETE is an artisan concrete design firm that specializes in a variety of concrete floor services, owner and president Gareth Tyrrell always works directly with clients and on the project.  Contact us for more details.

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